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Having difficulty installing? Here's a few tips & tricks we've identified.

Can't get the plug off, Ford Ranger, Mustang, Everest, Transit.

  • There's an orange tab on the side of the plug (similar to the one on the EVC). 
  • Slide the tab UP, and depress the connector to release the locking tab

Installed great, but I have no display

  • Check the small black 4-way connector. If it's not correct (look at the wire colours) it doesn't send power to the display. Unplug it, rotate to the correct orientation, and re-insert.

My Display goes off after a while

  • This is designed into the EVC controller, and vehicle dependent, it will dim or turn off so as not to be a distraction. It will come on again, by pressing one of the buttons

I have an EML light on after installation, but everything works great!

  • More often than not, the install was done with the key in the ignition, or with the smart key present in the car.  Cycle the key on/off several times and the light should go out. Your codes may still be present even though the light is off, but these can now be cleared at  your leisure with a simple OBDII dongle or your mechanic can assist you. If you are near our Albany location, we are happy to do it for free.

I have an EML light on, and no throttle.

  • It's very rare, but it is possible to make a small mistake upon installation. Please check the plug on the pedal is the correct orientation, It is seated level, and all the way down, and no pins have popped out of the connector

I Can't reach the connector on the pedal

  • This is more common with sedans, than Utes. The pedal is often fitted high up under the dash (Commodore and Captiva are like this). It is easier in these cars to remove the pedal using a ratcheting 10mm spanner, fit the EVC throttle controller, and then refit the pedal.

I love the EVC, but I've sold the car - can I use it in my new one?

  • Sometimes. Generally if you are replacing it with a similar or newer version of the same thing, the manufacturer may have used the same connector & mapping. If however, you are moving from say, a Toyota to a Ford - The plug almost certainly will not fit.
  • Please contact us if you're unsure.

Trouble with Bluetooth on the EVC-X?

  • When we've seen this issue, it's because the installer hasn't allowed the permissions that appear when the app is installed
  • Some Android phones also need basic phone permissions granted. See here for more information.